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LaRoche Fruits & Gifts

Fruits, Furniture, & Edible Nursery

LaRoche Fruits & Gifts

Fruits, Furniture, & Edible Nursery


What We Offer


Largest Fruit Shipper in the Area

Citrus fruit shopping
Indian River shipping
Gift boxes
Carry-out in season


Extensive selection of used & collectible future

Living room sets
Bedroom sets
Real wood furnishings
Dining room sets

Fruit Trees

Huge Inventory of Fruit Trees

All edible fruit trees
Full nursery
For home gardens

About Us

LaRoche’s Fruit & Gifts has been serving customers in Volusia County for over 60 years. Our staff takes pride in providing excellent customer care, offering reliable service in every section of the company.

How did LaRoche combine fruit and furniture? We began by selling gift boxes of fruit, but after a successful rummage sale over 20 years ago, we began selling used and antique furniture. Ten years after that, we started an edible nursery, growing our own fruit and selling fruit trees.

You can’t ask for more. Come in to peruse the furniture and leave with a basket of sumptuous fruit. Natural aromas of oak and citrus will please your nose as you browse. You can take home a tree that keeps on giving, along with a shelf to keep your garden tools organized.

Our store has extensive inventories of quality wood furniture and edible nurseries, with a wide array of citrus trees. Our fruit washing and packing facilities ensure that your purchase is as fresh as it would be, well, right off one of our trees! During the growing season, you can visit either of our locations to carry the fruit out yourself. Visit LaRoche’s Fruit and Trees pages for more information.

The professionals in our furniture department also offer all-inclusive estate sales. The crew will pay for items in cash, bundle the trash for easy pick-up on the curb, then pack up the truck and move everything into our store. Visit LaRoche’s Furniture page for more information.

The specialists at our edible nursery will deliver and even plant your fruit trees upon request. We also offer fertilizer and other compounds to treat bugs or plant diseases. Every fruit tree comes with a Grow Guide to encourage the health of your tree.

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